At Bard & Bard, we proudly serve the Agricultural, Oil & Gas, and Specialty Chemicals industries with our advanced manufacturing solutions. Our expertise in blending, mixing, and custom fabrication ensures that we meet the unique needs of each sector. From enhancing agricultural productivity with precision equipment to providing robust solutions for oil and gas extraction and processing, and delivering specialized chemical processing systems, our commitment to quality and innovation drives success across all industries we serve. Partner with Bard & Bard for reliable, high-performance solutions tailored to your industry’s demands.

tractor spraying a field on farm


Enhance crop productivity with our precision blending equipment, designed for effective fertilizer and supplement mixing.

petrochemical plant industrial background, aerial view of oil refinery factory

Oil & Gas

Optimize extraction and processing with durable mixers and storage solutions, built for the demanding oil and gas sector.

night scene of a Detail of a heavy Chemical Industrial plant with mazework of pipes in twilight


Our mixers and reactors ensure safe, efficient chemical processing, meeting stringent industry standards for quality and safety.