Bard Mix Plant

  • 2,500 gallon, 4,000 gallon, and 6,000 gallon
  • 14” cone bottom  
  • Powdered coated mild steel frame 
  • Proprietary adjustable stainless-steel baffle; also available in fixed position 
  • Open top or closed top with 24×24” manway 
  • 304 Stainless (3/16”) construction for vat wall, skirting, gussets and pads 
  • 60HP or 75HP TEFC 3-phase, 208/230/460-volt, 1750 rpm motor 
  • Heavy duty mild steel construction motor mounting box 
  • 304 stainless steel framed mounting rails 
  • Bard Vac-U-Mac turbine mounted on 304 SS shaft 
  • Schedule 40 mild steel or stainless-steel piping  
  • Various pump sizes available  
  • Custom manifold options 
  • NH3 Agua introduction system 

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Fertilizer Mixing

Liquid blending is essential in fertilizer mixing, enabling precise and consistent integration of key nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micronutrients, and additives. This ensures uniform nutrient content, crucial for accurate fertilizer application, thereby preventing environmental damage from over-fertilization and crop yield reduction from under-fertilization. Additionally, liquid blending is efficient and cost-effective, minimizing waste and environmental impact, thus supporting sustainable agriculture practices. It also allows for the customization of fertilizer formulations to suit specific crop, soil, and regional needs, enhancing plant growth and maximizing yield.

the bard mix

Liquid Supplement Mixing

Blending in animal feed manufacturing is crucial for ensuring uniform distribution of essential nutrients, optimizing production costs, and enhancing production chain visibility. It facilitates the precise dosing of vitamins and minerals crucial for animal growth and health, promoting cost-efficient manufacturing. This uniformity not only contributes to animal well-being, preventing health issues but also supports production traceability, vital for custom recipes. Ultimately, industrial blending is fundamental to producing high-quality, safe, and nutritionally balanced feeds, directly enhancing animal productivity and welfare.


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