Dry Product Hoppers

Key Features

The Bard & Bard, LLC. dry product hopper is the ultimate choice for businesses looking to streamline their material handling processes and ensure consistent, controlled flow of dry bulk materials for their mixing needs! 

  • Capacity and Versatility: Our dry product hopper is available in a range of capacities, accommodating various material volumes. The hopper can accommodate a wide array of dry products: powders, granules, aggregates, polymers, etc…
  • Dust Control: Say goodbye to material waste and dust emissions. Our hopper is backed by the Vac-U-Mac’s manifold suction and minimizes additive losses.
  • Additive Hydration: TBD
  • Optional Liquid Nozzle: add-on the Bard & Bard liquid injection nozzle for any tote or drum additive loading needs


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