In-Line Filters

Key Features

The Bard and Bard In-Line filter revolutionized the industry with its introduction in the 1970’s. With a large capacity, our in line filter can screen sediment without slowing down your operation. Our unique angled design catches excess debris and forces it to the bottom of the filter. The integrated flush system means you won’t have to take your filter apart, reducing downtime. The Bard In-Line filter pairs perfectly with any of our Vac-u-Mac models.

  • Fast 800 gpm flow, allowing you to load out quicker (flow depends on viscosity of product)
  • Large 4” connections for high flow operation
  • 2” connections at the top and bottom allow for easy flushing
  • Standard 16×16 mesh filter screens; hundreds of combinations available
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Dozens of gasket options


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