Discover the comprehensive range of advanced solutions offered by Bard & Bard, designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. From the robust Bard Mix Plant system, renowned for its precision and efficiency, to versatile dry product hoppers that streamline material handling, our products set the industry standard. Our high shear pumps and custom pump skids ensure consistent, high-quality mixing for even the most demanding applications. Additionally, our innovative in-line filters and vat-mounted turbine systems enhance operational efficiency and reliability. Explore our product lineup and see how Bard & Bard can elevate your manufacturing processes to new heights.


Enhances mixing precision in agriculture and chemical industries with robust, versatile blending capabilities.


The patented Vac-U-Mac turbine is the heart of the Bard and Bard blending system.


Streamlines material handling with controlled flow, reducing waste and improving production efficiency.


Delivers consistent, high-quality dispersion for viscous fluids across various industrial applications.


Revolutionary filtration system increases productivity with fast flow rates and easy maintenance features.


Compact, powerful blending upgrade for existing tanks, improving efficiency with minimal space impact.